All £6

Super Food Green

spirulina is a good source of minerals, trace elements, vitamins, protein, enzymes and iron. oat milk, spirulina, bee pollen, cacao nibs and frozen banana.

Pink Power Protein

a great post workout smoothie to jumpstart recovery. almond milk, almond butter, chia, beetroot powder, cacao nibs and frozen banana.

Wake Me Up (Before You Go-Go)

Frappucchino a pre work out boost when you need that extra push. maca, single shot espresso, almond millk and a frozen banana.

Green Beauty Machine

a beautifying energy boosting alkalising smoothie. coconut water, baby spinach, frozen mango, lime and bee pollen.

Choco Loco

a luxuriously chocolatey, energy boosting treat. cacao nibs, cocoa, almond butter, chocolate vegan protein powder, almond milk and a frozen banana.

* all smoothies available with frozen avocado replacement 30p extra

* Boosters available £1

Reishi the Mushroom of Longevity, Marine Collagen Beauty, Sea Buckthorn Extra Vitamin C Boost, Macca Hormone Balancer and Energy.


£2.85 per pot

all our teas are ethically sourced from small independent farmers.

Breakfast, Jasmine, Laoshan Green, Italian Chamomile, French Peppermint

Nervine Tea £3.20

a gentle, soothing, anti-inflammatory nerve tonic to help nourish the nervous system and skin. damiana, oat, calendula, osmanthus

Fresh Ginger, Lemon & Honey £3.00

a refreshing, invigorating, immune boosting, fresh cold pressed lemon and ginger tea with soothing honey

Chai £3.20

an invigorating, energetic and stimulating chai blend inspired by the ancient Indian texts of Veda. helps improve circulation, energy levels and nourishes digestion.

coffee etc

Black Americano £2

Latte £2.50

Cappuccino & Flat White £2.50

Espresso £2

* almond or oat milk extra 50p


300ml £4.95

Get Your Beet On

beetroot, carrot, cucumber, ginger, lemon.

Green Goddess kale, fennel, cucumber, celery, ginger, lime.

Sunshine On Me

carrot, orange, turmeric, lemon.

Hangover Cure 250 ml £3.75

lemon, ginger, lime, mint, coconut water.

*Boosters available £1

Reishi the Mushroom of Longevity, Marine Collagen Beauty, Spirulina.

special hot drinks

small £3.80 large £4.20

Matcha Latte

matcha is said to enhance your mood, improve memory and promote concentration while giving you a boost of energy. organic bio-dynamic matcha green tea, coconut sugar, hot latte milk.

Trikatu Latte

a heavenly creation and an inspiring twist on our classic trikatu shot. ginger, turmeric, long pepper and black pepper resin with hot almond milk.

Macacchino Maca

is packed full of vitamins and helps to balance hormone levels. It’s a non caffeinated burst of energy. maca, maple syrup, cinnamon and hot, frothy milk.

Beetroot Latte

a delicious warming latte, which helps with blood circulation and iron levels.

Chai Latte

an invigorating, energetic and stimulating chai blend inspired by the ancient Indian texts of Veda, helps improve circulation, energy levels, and nourishes digestion. black tea, cinnamon, turmeric, ginger, clove, cardamon, black pepper.

* all hot drinks available with a choice of dairy, almond or oat milk

* dirty up your drinks with a shot of espresso £2