Walnut Pecan Fig Tart

So here it is:

The walnut pecan fig tart with cashew lavender cream and berries on top YUM!


1 cup walnuts (soaked)

1 cup pecans (soaked)

¼ cup dried figs

1 date

pinch of salt

put all ingredients in magi mix until you get a sticky dough consistency, you may need to add a drop of water

line a tart tray with cling film and press the mixture in like a pie.

Peel it off the cling film put on a tray lined with parchment paper into the oven 175 degrees for 15 mins… keep checking until golden don’t burn

While it’s cooling down make the lavender cream

Lavender cream:

1 cup cashews

¼ vanilla pod seeds

¼ cup maple syrup

¼ cup water ( adding slowly you might not need it, only if its too thick)

1 drop food grade lavender oil

pinch of salt

blend in magi mix

spoon into tart and decorate with berries, lavender flowers and rose petals

and enjoy!!!