Walnut Pecan Fig Tart

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Walnut Pecan Fig Tart

So here it is:

The walnut pecan fig tart with cashew lavender cream and berries on top YUM!


1 cup walnuts (soaked)

1 cup pecans (soaked)

¼ cup dried figs

1 date

pinch of salt

put all ingredients in magi mix until you get a sticky dough consistency, you may need to add a drop of water

line a tart tray with cling film and press the mixture in like a pie.

Peel it off the cling film put on a tray lined with parchment paper into the oven 175 degrees for 15 mins… keep checking until golden don’t burn

While it’s cooling down make the lavender cream

Lavender cream:

1 cup cashews

¼ vanilla pod seeds

¼ cup maple syrup

¼ cup water ( adding slowly you might not need it, only if its too thick)

1 drop food grade lavender oil

pinch of salt

blend in magi mix

spoon into tart and decorate with berries, lavender flowers and rose petals

and enjoy!!!

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Bank Holiday Monday…Growing your own

I haven’t got green fingers and Ok I’m super late…

It’s the end of May, and I’m only just getting started.

My artichokes are blooming; they were planted 3 years ago.  And every summer they just bud.  I literally do nothing for the rest of the year. My mint is growing crazy wild everywhere but I like that. I also have an apple tree and plum tree, which is just amazing. We all love just grabbing from the tree and eating.

Whenever I get the kids involved, which is super difficult for me cause they sprinkle the seeds everywhere instead of down the straight line, they tend to eat more veg, because they were involved in growing and taking care of it.

So this year, simple simple easy to grow for me:

Rainbow chard

More herbs



Cavalo Nero

Gonna do a bay leaf tree too, think my neighbour now knows it’s me that keeps sneaking into his garden with my scissors and snipping his tree.. guilty guilty

I love being able to grow and eat my own. You can do them in window pots /inside/ on a terrace.  Super easy.

Why bother you may say:

They taste amazing

So fresh




Let me know what you are growing and if you have any tips for me…. x

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So this blog entry is more of an introduction to the team and me.

Hi, I’m Katia, I LOVE food, I love fresh food.  I love cooking and feeding people.  Knowing that I have fed them nutritious, fresh food, made with love that will give them not only a healthy boost, but also a delicious experience (haha hopefully) is my passion.  It all starts at home, feeding homemade food to my family and keeping them healthy and well.  My kids are my biggest inspiration and taste testers. If they approve I know it’s good.

I loath processed food/ fast food/ sugar free/ semi skimmed/ low fat and nutritionally void food.  I try to avoid these sorts of things as much as possible.

I have been into food for a long time, I opened my first cafe 14 years ago, little earth cafe, in primrose hill triyoga.  After a long break, 2 gorgeous boys and lots more experience I opened Nectar Cafe in Camden triyoga 18 months ago.

I’m so proud of this little cafe.  Its truly an amazing place where people can come to get inspired and satisfy there taste buds and get huge health benefits in our juices, food, smoothies, teas and everything we offer.

I feel blessed that I was able to find the most amazing team of people to support me, consult me and help me create an amazing place.

A little shout out to some of these extremely talented people:

Julia Mayor, great girlfriend and amazing graphic designer, Julia has created all our stickers for our drinks and logo and continues to help with our branding.

Michael Isted, the herball, he is an amazing herbalist and mixologist, who has created our vibrational waters, teas and a huge influence on our juices.

It’s only taken me 18 months to get this web page sorted… If it were left to me alone, it still would be a holding page.  BUT luckily it wasn’t and an amazing talented and lovely, Lauren Phillips came to my rescue and has created a beautiful website for me… Lauren, you are amazing and I thank you SOOOO much.

I thank all the lovely woman and men that work so hard at the cafe and serve our wonderful customers.

I also thank you, our customers. You are the best….

I will write more fun blogs from now on….


Love Katia

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